NIILM’s full-time PGDM program

NIILM’s full-time PGDM program offering specializations in the areas of International Business, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Operations and Information Technology & Systems Management, is administered within the framework of a strong training system. Equipped with the fully functional mechanisms of feedback and control, this training system helps the NIILM-CMS PGDM curriculum in: * Developing in the graduating students an optimal pattern of interpersonal and behavioral responses to stress situations, generally experienced in organizations. * Developing skills in the latest comprehension, analysis and problem solving tools, techniques and models and imbuing them with a holistic management perspective. * Training them in the skills generally required at the management trainee level in organizations.

The four-semester, two-year, full-time PGDM program is split into four phases: Basic, Consolidation, Advanced and Concentration. Each phase is of one semester and closes with an end-term examination. The Basic phase begins with a management perspective from ground-up by exposing students to the various dimensions of business & organizational environments and enables them get a feel of the various functional areas of management. This is also a phase in which conventional bugbears relating to statistics and mathematics are carefully removed. The Consolidation phase categorically aims at training students in the skills of using various tools, techniques and case studies that are required to solve general problems encountered in various functional areas of management. By the end of this phase, a student should be able to appreciate the general dynamics of problems and situations in differing environmental and organizational settings and develop an approach towards prognosis and problem- shooting. This phase culminates with an eight-week summer-internship in any large organization of repute.


Global Linkages

NIILM CMS has a students and faculty exchange program with University of Poitiers in France. Established as early as 1431 by Pope Eugene IV and chartered by King Charles VII University of Poitiers is the second oldest university in France. It is an internationally accredited institution having students exchange programs with several reputed universities around the Globe. As per the exchange program a select group of students from NIILM CMS are sent every year to Poitiers University for an intensive academic program spread over five weeks which includes class room courses ,industrial visits and interaction with a world renowned faculty. Though the program is offered in English NIILM CMS offers a course in French to all the students visiting the University of Poitiers for enabling them to interact with the local people and appreciate their culture . The program gives an opportunity to the students to study in a new environment, learn about differences in cultures, broaden their mental horizon with new knowledge and understanding and gain new insights into different educational philosophies. Exposure to foreign culture and understanding of people give them a new confidence, independent thinking and provide them with an unforgettable experience of a life time. The University of Poitiers considers students who have already successfully completed the PGDM course of NIILM CMS for the Master’s Degree in Management with specialization in International Management subject of fulfilling their other requirements including submission of a thesis . Five sets of students have already completed the program successfully and the Sixth batch will be visiting them this year. Plans are underway for further collaboration in areas of research, consulting and collaborative teaching.