NIILM’s Management skill and training program-

With the vision of promoting skill development in India, NIILM TRUST wishes to start a training and research institute working towards the skill development of people. We would be running various short-term courses varying from one week to one month, three month or six months. We would be imparting courses on naturopathy, beauty management, lifestyle and wellness management, leadership and personality development skills, housekeeping management, front office management and many more.  We are planning to start the training institute in its existing campus in Greater Noida providing ayurvedic, naturopathy, yoga, meditation and many more on similar lines working towards development of India towards skilled India.


At NIILM CMS we have developed the various courses which helps students to develop the skills and making them more employable. The courses are developed in a manner that they emphasize equally on theory and practical exposure to students. The various courses related to beauty management, housekeeping management, front office management would not only be imparted in the classrooms, rather the students will be provided internships along with the courses. They will be having hands on industry exposure. This will increase their employability and chances for getting placements immediately after the course.

The short-term courses related to leadership development, personality grooming, communication skills enrich the students and make them superior over others and hence increase their chances of being absorbed by good companies. At NIILM CMS we would be focusing on overall development of students and make them skilled.

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Our Programs

1) Beauty management

This program on beauty and salon management typically provides a well-rounded knowledge in hair, skin and nail care. Students will learn how to cut, dye and style hair, as well as give manicures and pedicures. Programs will  also train students on skin treatments and makeup application. The beauty industry includes the use of several different chemicals, and students receive instruction on using these chemicals safely. At NIILM students also learn to identify different hair, skin and nail conditions and how to practice proper sanitation.

2) Housekeeping and Front office management

The program on housekeeping and front office management would help the students to gain insights on Hospitality sector. Housekeeping deals in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable, to create a ‘Home away from home’. The aim of all accommodation establishments is to provide their customers with clean, attractive, comfortable and welcoming surrounding that offer value for money.

In any establishment, there are three department particularly concerned with accommodation:

  1. The reception department, whose staff sell and allocate the rooms.
  2. The housekeeping department, whose staff plan, provides and service the rooms.
  3. The maintenance department, whose staff provide adequate hot and cold water, sanitation, heating, lighting and ventilation as well as maintaining and repairing individual articles and area within the rooms operation.At NIILM-CMS, we have designed the program in such a manner that the student gets a deep insight into all the issues related to housekeeping and front office management. The students would be trained to make them employable and they get the jobs inhospitality sector like resorts, hotels, restaurants etc.

3) Leadership management and Personality Grooming

The training module is aimed at the promotion of the strategies for the development of leadership skills and personality grooming of the participants. The rationale behind this endeavor is the recognition of the multifaceted influence of the personality of the employees upon organizational effectiveness and helping them to acquire the skills of leading the teams while growing with the organization.

At NIILM, the basic objective of the training program is to bring about personality development with regard to the different behavioral dimensions that have far-reaching significance in the direction of organizational effectiveness.

At NIILM we would be imparting a short term one week program for development of these skills to people from corporate, students etc in a workshop mode For imparting training on these topics we would be using following methodologies

  • Lecture-cum-discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • Management Games
  • Case studies

Looking Ahead

We at NIILM Research and Training Institute aspire to –

  • Run & Develop a Ayurvedic & Panchkarma center for the wellness and care of patients
  • Provide OPD & IPD services for health and wellness issues to the surrounding population & Delhi/NCR
  • Evolve as one of the leading training provider in Delhi/ NCR