Academic Appraisal

Effective learning is a function of three major factors: right conceptual inputs; rigorous and yet imaginative practice of applying concepts, and lastly, continuous, objective appraisal and feedback. NIILM’s Assessment Center takes care of the last part. The frequency, timing and structure of tests aim at genuinely helping students monitor the quantum and quality of their learning. As is mentioned below, we follow the International Credits and Grade Point Average System for academic appraisals of students.

The PGDM Program comprises 4 semesters. The first two semesters primarily focus on compulsory courses covering foundation and various functional areas of management. Semesters 3 and 4 include integrative courses in management and electives from various areas of specialization. The student undertakes summer project study during the vacation period between the 2nd and 3rd semesters. The total credits for the various come to 120.

Academic Assessment & Performance Expectations

Assessment in all the programs is continuous, varied and exacting. It emphasizes development of personal and professional competence as well as gaining of business knowledge and skills. Participants therefore, need to perform consistently at high academic levels. They would be expected to work under considerable pressure, as the programs are demanding in both their requirement of time and quality of output. The multi-dimensional evaluation system enables students to monitor their performance through their participation in a variety of learning activities such as class participation, case presentations, assignments, quizzes, term papers, mid-term and end-term examinations and general conduct and behaviour at the Institute. Students whose performance falls short of the institute’s required academic and general standards may, at any time, be asked to withdraw from the program.

Grading System

NIILM follows a letter grading system for evaluation of academic achievement of students. The grading system is as follows

A+ 8 Excellent
A 7 Excellent
B+ 6 Good
B 5 Good
C+ 4 Average
C 3 Average
D+ 2 Poor
D 1 Poor
F 0 Fail
J Nil Not Appeared/Result Awaited/Withheld

As per the rules of NIILM-CMS, every student is required to obtain a GPA of 3.50 points scale at the end of each semester, failing which he/she is put on academic probation for the next semester. In case of no improvement, withdrawal proceedings are initiated. At the end of the fourth semester if the CGPA of a student is less than 4.00, he/she will not be allowed to graduate.


Attendance in all academic and institutional activities is compulsory. Those students who fail to meet attendance requirement of 75% in a course will not be eligible to receive credits.

Award of Post Graduate Diploma

Those who successfully complete the two-year full-time program, are awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The Diploma is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Government of India.