Prowess is a database of the financial performance of Indian companies. Annual Reports of individual companies is the principal source of this database. The database covers listed and unlisted companies. For listed companies, the database includes data sourced from the stock exchanges.

Prowess contains time-series data from 1989-90. It is updated continuously. Prowess database is accessed by subscribers through specially developed software. It presents several well-formatted analytical tabulations that include ratio analysis, funds-flow analysis, benchmark and peer comparisons. The software enables querying the database and it incorporates a charting toolkit.

Industry Analysis Service provides an up-to-date review and an outlook for about 70 industries. CMIE analysts assess the outlook for each of these industries every month. CMIE’s databases — including Prowess and CapEx are used extensively to make these assessments. The analysis is largely quantitative and the presentations are focused and well organised.

The outlook presented includes quantitative estimates of expected growth in capacity, production, prices, profits and market size. Projected cost structures and profitability are also estimated.

The service provides forecasts for the next six quarters and the next two years. The Industry Analysis Service also provides access to a large database on the industries. This database provides time-series of demand-supply indicators, prices, aggregate financial ratios from financial statements of companies, etc .

The service is useful in gaining an insight into the current trends in industry and the possible near-term outcomes. This has found applications in banking in credit appraisals, in research produced by financial market analysts and by policy makers. The service is delivered through a desk-top installation. The analytical reports that are available as pdf files and the database are accessible through a specially developed software.

The Economic Outlook provides CMIE’s view on where the Indian economy stands and where it is likely headed. This view is derived from a careful and continuous monitoring of all new data releases. New data releases are analyzed in real-time in the context of the historical trends and in the context of other current data releases. Economic Outlook therefore provides a comprehensive and integrated view of the Indian economy.Every data release is dealt with at three levels – Tidings, which is a quick delivery of the facts, Insights, which is a deeper and contextual analysis of the new data release and, Outlook, which is a forward looking essay that describes the implications of the new data release. Time series on more than a 85,000 indicators are provided in multiple frequencies and in the form of several derivations. The full set of indicators including all frequencies and derivations add up to nearly a million time-series. All these are presented in intelligently laid-out tabulations. Tabulations are supported with readymade graphics and also a graphing tool. The data can be easily downloaded into spreadsheets or as csv files. CMIE’s statistical forecasts are provided in separate tabulations.

All these databases are installed on the institute LAN network and can be accessed at campus only being an offline database. Students have to create a user-ID and password for using these databases first time. Later, the same user – ID and password can be used.