Since you are contemplating a career in business management, I am sure you are aware of the emerging opportunities as well as the challenges that nations and companies face in the context of changing global business environment. The ever growing competition, rapid pace of technological developments and changing marketing dynamics are the forces which are currently reshaping the Global Business Environment. Needless to say that to operate successfully in this complex environment, business in all sectors have to come up with innovative products and services, explore new ways of doing business and become globally adept. They can do so only if they have managers who are flexible and competent, and who possess an incisive strategic perspective to manage the profound corporate change processes which have become so ubiquitous. With a wealth of experience and close connection with the industry for over a decade and a half NIILM CMS is uniquely placed to offer a PGDM program that provides you an opportunity to acquire a portfolio of management tools and analytical skills essential to succeed in today’s fast changing competitive environment. To stay absolutely current, we have ventured into contemporary knowledge areas including Sustainable Development, Financial Engineering, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Corporate Governance and Business ethics and values.

We have developed several innovative training modules in Corporate Communications, Management of Fine Arts, Business Analytics and Life Skills Development. Our Action Learning Laboratory uses a variety of pedagogic tools including role-plays, management games, and skill building workshops. Similarly our CEO Forums, Industry-Academia Meet and Osmosis seek to strengthen links with the practicing world and give students a greater exposure to corporate experience. At NIILM CMS we focus on values that will shape the future leadership of our business. We develop in our student’s communication skills, team work, interpersonal skills and other life management skills and stress that great ideas are accomplished through concerted action and collaborative efforts with others. We strive to offer an educational program which is of highest standards, demanding the greater degree of application, dedication, initiative, hard work, and strength of purpose from our students which will eventually help them to meet the expectations of the corporate world. I am sure you possess these qualities and have the requisite aptitude to excel in this rigorous program. I wish you the very best for a bright career and invite you to visit us and explore the possibilities that NIILM CMS and its PGDM program will unveil for you.

– Dr.Rupa Raje Gupta